I’m photographing 10 beautiful women for Valentines Day and I’d love you to be one of them!

Welcome to the Rose Drake Valentine's Day experience, where we go beyond a simple photoshoot to create a truly transformative and empowering journey. Our focus is on making you feel confident, absolutely beautiful, and supported throughout the entire experience. From the moment you step into our safe and welcoming environment, you'll be embraced with personalized attention and care. We believe in creating a space where you can truly be yourself, feel catered to, and connect with the person who deserves the most love - you.

Sounds awesome, now what?

How much is it?

This Valentines Day promotion is just $450


For just $450, you receive a luxurious photoshoot experience at a stunning location. This experience includes professional hair and makeup services to ensure you look and feel your absolute best. Additionally, you will be treated to a complimentary bottle of wine and chacuterie board to enhance your experience, as well as a personalized gift bag as a token of our appreciation. With this exclusive experience , you can relax and enjoy a truly indulgent and memorable boudoir session.

Please note: All images and products are sold separately from the $450 session fee. Collections start at $1537 for 15 images. Most clients love their experience and photos so much they usually invest $3200 and up.


Anyone 18 and older can participate.

Our Valentines Day Boudoir Marathon is February 10, 2024 at a luxury location in Austin.

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Imagine being photographed through the female gaze

Bring on the Lights, Camera, Action


-Full prep guide giving advice on lingerie sets and props, posing tips and more


-Camera-ready Custom Make-up application by our skillful on site make-up artist (you meet her, you love her!)

-Glammed up or natural/refined, it's all up to you! Bombshell hairdos for picture perfect results!


-Covergirl for a day! You will enjoy a fully, expertly guided magazine-style photoshoot.

-Not photogenic? Nonsense! It is not your job to be. I've got you! It is my job to connect and make you comfortable, to show you in your best light with flattering posing.

Get ready to rock this!

Why Valentines Day Boudoir?, Why ME & Why Now?

Hey ladies! I am a Mexican American female Veteran, and also first generation business owner. I love giving women the gift of seeing themselves so beautiful confident and worry free. The transformation is an honor to see and facilitate.

First and foremost, as women we work too damn hard to not get spoiled and pampered. Yes you, I am talking directly to you girl.

Why us? We are a team of women who know what it is like to go without self care and self love for so long. That narrative has changed. With our experience we curated this experience in detail from the heart. We know what it is like and what you need. You deserve the finer things in life and we are going to get that for you! You are art, let me show you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for my package the day of the photoshoot?

Yes, collections must be paid in full during ordering appointment immediately following the photoshoot.

Do you offer post session payment plans?

Unfortunately, we do not offer post payment plans.

Do you offer pre payment plans?

Yes, during your consultation you will have the opportunity to set up a pre- payment plan if desired.

Can I reschedule my session?

Unfortunately, the session fee is non-refundable as we have already allocated that money into hiring of staff, gift bags, location fee's etc along with special event operational costs.

Do I have to wear lingerie?

Absolutely not. I want you to wear whatever makes you feel happy, confident and comfortable to include wearing nothing at all.

Will my images be posted on social media?

No, not without your permission.

Can you retouch my photos and make me look (younger, skinnier, bigger bust, bottom etc)

Yes, I can retouch most of your requests however I work really hard to pose you in a way that flatters your body type and capture you with your genuine expressions and beauty.

Do you do couple's boudoir sessions?

Yes and they are so much fun. I highly recommend it for every couple in all stages of life.

Are couples' boudoir sessions porn like?

Absolutely not. We aim to capture the intimacy, rawness of passion, and history between two people. Intimacy might look like a personal view waking up to one another. Gentle fingers across eachother's hands. A burst of laughter. Sentimental tears. A long gaze. A romantic kiss etc.

My partner and I are lesbian/gay/pansexual can we still do couple's boudoir?

Absolutely. We are LGBTQ+ allies.

I'm pregnant can I still participate?

Absolutely. I personally feel that woman are more beautiful during pregnancy and it would be an honor to capture such a delicate time in your life.

Does your wife need some overdue pampering?

Give her the ultimate gift of self-care and self-love this year. Tell me about her.