We will be having our annual boudoir marathon in March 2022 at the Casa Cartel! Yes THE Casa Cartel and for those that don't know it's a famous beautifully designed mansion here in ATX! 

Why you need this in your life!

- Life has been crazy and seems like we are rolling into a second pandemic let's have something positive and safe to look forward to a day full of pampering and self love. 

- It is a space and day for women empowerment. To add we inadvertently noticed through our previous boudoir marathons the camaraderie through conversations we as a community of woman desperately need and get to experience the day of our shoot. 

- Imagine a Team of woman dedicated to helping you feel at ease, beautiful, happy and soul nourished while you are with us. 

Imagine the long lasting effects of taking care of yourself. Consider it a gift to yourself and permission to finally relax and let your hair down.

Drink from our signature drinks menu and sun bathe by the pool while you wait for your turn into he glam chair.

Meditate why feeling your best.

Now for the physical perks

-Champagne/Wine/ Drinks

-Chocolate Covered Strawberries

-Personalized Robe and Slippers

-Professional Hair and Makeup by artists with over 12 years of experience

-Personalized music during your photoshoot

- Gift bag full of love from Rose Drake and others. 

-Not to mention the stunning one of a kind art pieces we will both create. 

It will feel like a dream, a celebrity experience and most of all a big gift to yourself. 

Our boudoir session fee is $450 

Images and products are sold separately. 

After your session you will chose from a variety of products we offer and chose your images as well. There is a minimum investment of $1100 for our Luxury leather folio boxes and albums that come with a minimum of 25 digital files as well. We made a minimum to ensure you have the absolute most luxurious experience and leave with all your beautiful images and a keepsake to share with whomever you like. Which our products will be made and ready just in time for Valentine's day.

We have 7 slots filled as of last week do not wait! 

Payment plans are available! 

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